Will Crossbar der Biergarten be open by October?

Crossbar der Biergarten, or Crossbar for short, is the latest “super-bar” planned for Federal Hill. Brian McComas, Ryleigh’s owner, continues to push for this newest concept. The plan is to merge 12 & 14 East Cross Street and knock down the walls of 14 & 16 East Cross Street to create an open-air beer garden, […]

The City That Chats: Liam Davis

  The City That Chats returns Dennis to Southeast Baltimore where he speaks with Liam Davis, a local activist who currently works for Baltimore City Government. Liam gets extra props for trudging to the Hills of Hamilton to have this chat! You can learn about Liam by visiting his website, or on twitter at @voteliamdavis.

League of Women Voters Legislative Breakfast, Part I

The League of Women Voters of Baltimore City hosts an annual Legislative Breakfast where members of the Baltimore City Delegation of the General Assembly discuss their priorities for the upcoming legislative session. Here is part one of this year’s event. The recording features a few members of Baltimore’s delegation including Curt Anderson, Verna Jones-Rodwell, Keith […]

On Homelessness in Baltimore

If you’ve ever strolled the busy walkways of the Inner Harbor or happened to stop at a busy intersection there’s a chance that you’ve encountered homelessness in Baltimore. As an omnipresent issue in Baltimore, our leaders have consistently tried to devise actions to address what seems to be an insurmountable problem. Fueled by a lack […]