The Baltimore Sun starts a zine

It’s not really news that The Baltimore Sun’s subscription base has been bleeding out uncontrollably for the past few years and there’s nothing stopping it. Journalism is dead, blah blah blah. So they’ve done what several other publications have done and created a free, daily rag targeting a ‘younger crowd’. I suppose what they mean […]

So lung, flare well

Tomorrow is the last day anyone in Baltimore will be able to smoke inside of a bar. John Woestendiek wrote an article in the Baltimore Sun (link expired) on the matter that I personally thought was really well written and accurately expresses something of a heartfelt loss of the human experience. But then, I made […]

Stay. Out. Of. Barclay.

One of the more fascinating reads coming out of the Baltimore media is most certainly The City Paper’s Murder Ink, a no-frills, no opinions box article detailing the week’s tally of Baltimore murders and ongoing updates on previous murder cases. And given the propensity for murder in this city, it usually has at least two […]