This Year’s Baltimore Farmer’s Market is Pretty Huge You Guys

Baltimore’s numero uno Sunday Farmer’s Market debuts in less than 48 hours (oddly timed with our Lord and Savior’s Resurrection, but whatever) and 2015 is shaking up to be VERY SPEND HAPPY for you, the interested consumer. A slew of new vendors have been added and the market boundaries have exploded beyond the confines of […]

How to take advantage of local natural disasters to make your tweets go viral

Twitter is basically┬álike a stream of consciousness thing that I use strictly for my own entertainment, so I never really expect people to find what I babble about online very interesting. But every now and then: I do something, a bunch of other people think it is worth repeating, and my phone makes noises all […]

RIP: Langermann’s on Light is Closed

Another one bites the dust Langermann’s on Light Street closed its doors this past Friday. This comes as no surprise to most people. If you were a frequenter of the restaurant, it was not a challenge to stroll in at 7PM on a Friday night and find yourself with prime pickings for any table in […]

South Baltimore Parking Problems to Get Even More Worserer

South Baltimore parking is about to get even more sparse than it was before. After more than five years of being teased that luxury apartments are coming to Heath Street ( EtM edit: good god it’s been THAT long?), traction is finally being made on this plan. The Heath Lofts will boast almost 60 luxury […]

A local favorite now offering lunch on the weekends

Not that we needed more Sunday Funday options in the Hill area, but ask and ye shall receive! Pub Dog has long been providing us in the neighborhood with delectable eats, this is no surprise. The selection of delicious, personal (if you try hard enough) pizzas has been a craving to many Federal Hillians for […]