Jingle Fells Giveaway / 20% off Promo MUST L@@K!

Those crazy kids at Lindy Promo are at it again for their big fat holiday related bar crawl in Fells Point benefiting Toys For Tots, aka Jingle Fells. December 13th from 1-9pm (yes, this coming Saturday) get the full deets at www.lindypromo.com – but be aware that the first 1,000 tickets sold will receive free […]

Hello Fresh Gift Card Giveaway Bonanza 2000

Historically speaking, we’ve reviewed the meal-in-a-box-delivery solution known as Hello Fresh on more than one occasion (One for the veg, one for the meat – gots to be thorough, people!) and to date, their services still continue to be often imitated by your Plated’s’s and your Blue Apron’s’s’s, but needless to say Hello Fresh has […]

Letters: Don’t Be Fooled By Andy Harris On Marijuana

by Paul M Gardner  On Sunday The Sun printed another editorial written by a conservative republican decrying the potential decriminalization of marijuana in Maryland, this latest one by United States Congressman and physician Andy Harris. Dr. Harris makes the point that in states where marijuana is decriminalized use among minors increases. He also notes that […]

Free Stuff Friday: Tickets to Jason Bateman’s ‘Bad Words’

Greetings Baltimore! WOuld you like some free tickets to a movie today? How about Jason Bateman’s ‘Bad Words’ on March 3rd? See below: BAD WORDS In Theaters March 28th Rated R Directed by: Jason Bateman Cast: Jason Bateman, Kathryn Hahn, Chaitanya Chopra Jason Bateman (“Identity Thief”) makes his feature directorial debut with the subversive comedy […]

1st Annual Vodka Wars Giveaway!

At long last, Queen Colleen of Mother’s Federale Hille Grille (that’s how it’s spelled brah) has an event worthy of her personal fascination: The First Annual Charm City Vodka Wars. Yes friends, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon (from 2-6pm, January 26th) than sampling various Ketel One Vodka creations and a buffet to […]