Bronycon, first impressions and a defense of bronies

Many years ago, when I was in high school, we had open lunches. That means that students were allowed to eat wherever they wanted in the schools. So imagine the stereotypical divided lunchroom from every teen movie ever, now imagine that the cliques could exist in different halls and wings of the school and never […]

SpaceManAndy’s Parting Advice

Parting is such sweet sorrow. It’s been fun, guys and girls. I’ve been doing my advice column here for a few years now, and I’ve enjoyed every unpaid minute of it! But, it’s time for me to move on. Starting very soon, I’ll be doing my advice column over at The B, under the name […]

Why SpaceManAndy has no guilty pleasures, and you shouldn’t either.

I have no guilty pleasures. “But SpaceManAndy” you say, “I’ve seen you tweet about General Hospital. Soaps are the epitome of guilty pleasures, right?” Wrong. I don’t feel guilty about watching soap operas. Not one bit. Soap Operas are just another medium for story telling, and a rather unique one at that. Soaps, like comic […]

SpaceManAndy’s Advice for Back in the Game

Dear SpaceManAndy, I got out of a 6 year relationship about 8 months ago and have been enjoying getting back into the dating field. My problem is that one of the gentlemen I am seeing has been seeming like he’d like to get more serious than I am ready for. We haven’t discussed exclusivity and […]

SpaceManAndy’s Advice for What What in the Butt?

Dear SpaceManAndy, I have a new guy in my life and he’s all about ass play, but I never really have been into it before. He tried the back door with me once, but it hurt too much and I told him to stop. I know a lot of people really enjoy it, and I’m […]

SpaceManAndy to Chuck Norris: You want a piece of me?! I can take you!!

As you may or may not have seen, Chuck Norris has shaved his beard! Anyone else feel like they just witnessed Sampson’s hair cutting? His power is gone. Contrary to popular belief, there was a chin under his beard, and not another fist. Who knew? I feel like all those Chuck Norris so-called-facts are also […]