CTB Show 181: A Cat Renaissance

Bryan and Evan are joined by special guest Cattimus Rex to talk Science Fiction! An episode full of hyper local references and whether or not the show needs to go more personal in the future. Enjoy!

CTB Show 180: The Kathy Bates of Cats

The TBD Gang gets together after seemingly forever and discusses the new release Get Out, a friend drops by to talk about sex in an Uber, and a very special segment with Evan The Mayor’s cousin to discuss colorectal cancer awareness month, aka March. Get yer butts checked peeps!

CTB Show 179: The Prop Joe of Alcohol

The Podgang is joined once more by Steve Fogleman, former chairman of the liquor board for Baltimore City and an attorney at law currently! Baltimore’s zany liquor laws are discussed as well as a Guinness brewery coming to Maryland, a taste test of Ti’Punch and some ghost pepper jerky too!

CTB Show 178: Peruvian Pan Flute Block Rock Block

Bryan and Evan are joined by WTMD’s Sam Sessa! Same and Evan celebrate 10 years of Buddy Status by reminiscing about a few choice moments in the past while talking about the present state of music in Baltimore and the latest news coming out of WTMD.

CTB Show 177: Big Big Saucy Big Food

The Podgang is joined by the one and only Richard Gorelick to talk Baltimore Food! His big reveal about Guy Fieri will blow your mind! Also Caitlin becomes a Lyft driver and a million other diversions along the way!