CTB Show 200: Baynard Woods returns

It’s the 200th episode (but really, like the 278th episode) of the show and we’re joined again by Baynard Woods at a point where independent journalism is at an all time high in terms of necessity and also endangerment in terms of ceasing to exist in Baltimore. So listen up guys, it matters this time.

CTB Show 199: Everything Bagel Potato Chips

The podgang braces themselves for Episode 200, tries out some new potato chips, argues a little more about statues, and learns a lot about — life. BUY THOSE LAY’S POTATO CHIPS RIGHT HERE!! (CLICK ON IMAGE, BUY BUY BUY) LAY’S DO US A FLAVOR SAMPLER

CTB Show 197: Papal Merkin

The show is joined by John Houser, creator of the Rouxde Cooking School Podcast! (@rouxdepodcast on social media) They talk food, play the Baltimore Game, What’s Your Minimum, and humorous anecdotes during sad situations. Don’t miss it!

CTB Show 196: Artisan Whoppers

Bryan goes to Orlando, TGIF comes to Hulu, bike share programs don’t go so well, the Show gets some love from the local newspaper, and “Only in Baltimore” is discussed.

CTB Show 195: Quinn Kelley, Female Trouble

The podgang is joined by very special guest Quinn Kelley from the Baltimore Sun! She discusses her own podcast ‘Female Trouble’ which spotlights interesting and laudable women from the Baltimore area. The also discuss the closing of Club Charles, trips to New Orleans, improv classes and more.