CTB Show 246: 10th Anniversary Live! at Reverb

The City That Breeds celebrates 10 years of existence with a live show at Reverb in Baltimore! Special guests Nicki Fuchs and Bryan Preston bring the funny while the Podgang reminisces about the past and takes audience topics.

CTB Show 245: Live! at The Crown

The CTB Show takes its C+ game to the Baltimore Podcast Festival for a live recording! Bryan gets cyber bullied, Nicki Fuchs discusses more problematic dudes in the Baltimore comedy scene, Casey’s vacation gets cancelled and so do kids at the Union Collective. Fun stuff! Be sure to support the show through our brand new […]

The Tipjar: Terrible Awesome 80’s Movies

It’s a new Tipjar! This episode brought to you by the generous Tip from @zegolf via Venmo (@citythatbreeds, donate today!). The topic: terrible, awesome 80’s movies. Enjoy!

CTB Show 244: Chinablock

The show is joined by Matt Kelley of Human Being Productions! Their microdocumentary series “Traditions” is discussed and a huge amount of Baltimore history is covered. Turns out Matt has known the podgang members for quite some time and no one even knew! Smalltimore!

The Tipjar: Finales

New Tipjar! This episode’s topic is Series and Season Finales of shows. It’s a total gas! Like it? Shoot us some dough on Venmo (@citythatbreeds)! Or, use Paypal! paypal.me/citythatbreeds – see ya next time!

The Tipjar: Alcohol

This week’s Tipjar comes to us from Robert K who writes, “I’m a drinker, you guys are drinkers. I want to know what your most disgusting/unexpectedly delicious improvised drinks are. For example, I’m a big fan of gin and Fresca. I’m also ashamed to love gatoritas. Which is the cheapest tequila you can find poured […]