CTB Show 238: My Favorite Apocalypse

The Podgang welcomes back Casey the Kasem from paternity leave! They’re also joined by friend of the show Catt who plugs the upcoming Chilibrew and dispenses some tasty beverages. Upcoming changes to the show are discussed as well as everyone’s opinion regarding which Apocalypse scenario they would prefer to survive through.

CTB Show 236: The McRib Clock

The show is joined by comediennes Nicki Fuchs and Alyssa Cowan to laugh it up and take a deep dive into women in comedy! Other topics include lol@Artscape, Papa John’s demise as CEO, and the Hannah Gadsby special “Nanette.”

CTB Show 235: Babushka With a Beer

The Gang goes deep on 4th Of July activities, Racist Season in Baltimore (These are the People in Your Neighborhood!) and how society is losing its collective sanity as of late. Good times!

CTB Show 234: The Justify of SCOBYs

Big show! This week we’re joined by Sid Sharma of Wild Kombucha (www.mobtownfermentation.com) to talk about what else, Kombucha! on the 2nd half of the show along with some rich, meaty discussion of the small business environment and community in Baltimore. On the first half, it’s Would You Rather, Parenting Advice from Guys Without Kids, […]

CTB Show xxx: A Very Unepisode

Evan The Mayor goes at it alone for listener Shout Outs and Shut Ups, a fascinating interview from 1994 on the Charlie Rose show with then mayor Kurt Schmoke regarding the failure that is and was the war on drugs, and a sneak preview of Ziggy Gets it Wrong, CTB’s Quantum Leap Podcast!