CTB Podcast Episode 21-1: Will Riker Commemorative Plate

The Podgang covers a wide range of bases by discussing the recent Affleck Batman rage, a rare sighting in Mount Airy and a very lengthy discussion of one of the most important topics of our day: Alcohol. A new segment “The Very Best of 311” is debuted with hilarious results to boot. Thanks for listening […]

CTB Podcast Episode 20: I’m Tired

The gang is operating with a skeleton crew this week as they discuss fun facts about helium, artisanal cheese problems (#artisancheeseproblems) and the first ever semi-live podcasted Icing of EvanTheMayor prior to the news that’s fit to rant about. Thanks for listening and spread the word.

CTB Podcast Episode 19: Sam Sessa, CTBTV

Baltimore Sun editor Sam Sessa of Midnight Sun / b pops in for a visit as this whole DC vs. Baltimore nonsense seems to have reached a breaking point. Casey makes his virgin visit to Lexington market, newly sprouted CTBTV is discussed and the local news with a heavy dose of HARBOR POINT WATCH after […]

CTB Podcast Episode 18 Part 2: Unwarranted Trash

The story continues as we delve into Shout Outs, Would You Rather, the news that’s fit to rant about (including the soon to be outdated HARBOR POINT WATCH!) and Shut Ups. Be a True Patriot and support our sponsors. Thank you.

CTB Podcast Episode 18 Part 1: Friendship is Magic

It’s a packed house as @bryanlevy rejoins the podcast with tales from his visit to Georgia. Shankman recounts a visit from two of his British friends and their impressions of Baltimore. And Cheesy/Evan discuss at length the ins and outs of Bronycon! Part 2 drops Thursday. Thanks for listening.

CTB Podcast Episode 17: Pound That Popov

In this scintillating episode, Evan announces a big win for the podcast as it has recently won the Baltimore Magazine “Best Radio: New School” award and then complains about being sunburned having witnessed the Orioles lose to the Red Sox, Casey’s details his adventures across Middle America and at Jiffy Lube Live! amongst a flock […]