CTB Podcast Episode 44: Perfect Conditions for Running

The Podgang convenes to discuss snow runners eating it on the pavement and we get an update on the incarceration of Trevor and Gregory. The non-sensation of Flappy Bird, the Olympics and Would You Rather are covered prior to a lengthy discussion regarding an article about Baltimore published by a Patterson Park resident. Fight Blight […]

TBD Episode 6: Triathlon Beer Drinking

Everyone is in the “hizzy” to “discuss” a bevvy of topics but mostly the last time The Bachelor is brought up, and several drinking versions of the Winter Olympics are debuted. It’s either the worst or the best thing we’ve ever done. Shudder with fear.

CTB Podcast Episode 43: Lone Biker of the Apocalypse

Very pleased to have seasoned City Paper staff writer Edward Ericson Jr. on the show! We discuss some of his body of work including a thorough investigation of a housing scheme and a murder for hire case in which he was called to testify. The Best of Change Maryland makes another appearance and The News […]

TBD Episode 5: The Bowl Discussion

Bryan and Evan are joined once again by Greg and Liz to discuss what else? Bryan’s visit to the doctor! And the Bachelor, and the Superbowl. And some other stuff. Guaranteed to be funnier that your breakfast cereal.

CTB Podcast Episode 42: Weird Squeaky Cheese

Podcast is joined again by Carol Ott of Housing Policy Watch to discuss the latest in her neck of the woods with regard to Baltimore’s continuing vacancy problems, and SPIT FIRE as we debut the angriest CTB Podcast to date! This Week in Cats and Best of Martin O’Malley Sycophants are featured while The News […]

TBD Episode 4: The Breakfast Dilemma

Bryan and Evan are joined by lady @lizrawr to discuss The Bachelor a little more, a little bit o’ reality television talk and a giant convo about their respective top ten breakfast cereals. TBD!