CTB Podcast 57: A Cricket Facial

A cavalcade of enjoyment ensues as The Podgang recounts Mother’s Day, an instance of Would you Rather, a kidnapping of the Hilary variety and the News That’s Fit to Rant About.

CTB Podcast 56: The Sh*t Whisperer

Very special guest Lowell Melser returns! The gang discusses wall collapses, the RELM network‘s latest developments, a VERY special Best of Change MD featuring the O’DENNIS OFF, and so very very much more!

CTB Podcast 55: We’re All Working

It’s a very special selection of bonus clips this week as the Podgang is off doin’ thangs and cannot accommodate a new episode with new guests! Rest assured it’s well worth your ear time. Pop culture, video games and commercials are all included amongst a lot of fart noises. Enjoy.

TBD Episode 17: Tunes, Booze, Dudes

After a lightning round of trivia, Bryan, Evan and Liz discuss their favorite Summer songs, Liz’s need to have a few before family gatherings, and television worth watching again for a second time.

CTB Podcast 54: Generations of Bennies

Evan, Dennis and Casey crack some beers and discuss Adult Spring Break, the Best of O’Malley Obsequiousness, This Week in Debunking Scientific BS, Shake Shack coming to the Inner Harbor and Hillary makes an appearance which prompts her to get flushed down the toilet. Namaste!