TBD Episode 10: Therapy Bryan Day

The TBD crew talks about their top 5 favorite fast food items, lays down some TV talk with highlights from House of Cards and True Detective, and hashes out some minor nuisances with their significant others that turns into a therapy session for Bryan. TBD!

CTB Podcast Episode 47: The Opposite of Morning Zoo: White Boy Wiggle

The group welcomes Casey back from hiatus and Evan briefly reviews Station North’s Gold Bar. A bit of bike policy is discussed and the Best of Change Maryland brings it ALL-CAPS style yet again. The News That’s Fit to Rant About includes some Westport Douche Theme courtesy of an ancient defunct Westport Development website – […]

TBD Episode 9: Television Brodown Dialog

Bryan, Greg and Evan convene to discuss Bryan’s tattoo history, Evan’s adventures in booze journalism and a lot of television. House of Cards, True Detective, The Bachelor (FOR THE LAST TIME) and Ink Master make the list among other things as the TBD show brings it to you legit style!

CTB Podcast Episode 46: DudeBromo Seltzer Tower

Special guest and owner of Baltimore Rent a Tour Chris Riehl hangs out to dish their upcoming “Tipsy Tours” of Baltimore, a Drunk History inspired historic busride coming next month. City Paper’s acquisition by the Baltimore Sun Media Group is discussed and the News That’s Fit to Rant About includes film tax credits in MD, […]

TBD Episode 8: Thouse Bof Dards

The Friday Gang is together again to discuss the big giant City Paper / Baltimore Sun merger, House of Cards, and a slew of other topics as they all get drunk on Natural Light. Sweet, sweet Natural Light.

CTB Podcast Episode 45: Baltimore Bartender’s Guild at Bad Decisions

A triumphant return to Bad Decisions is in order to have a sit down with John Reusing and Brendan Dorr of B&O Brasserie fame to discuss the Baltimore Bartender’s Guild and their upcoming Ryes Up Against Cystic Fibrosis event, and some Bar Rescue trash talkin’! Season 2 of House of Cards is discussed (MAJOR SPOILERS!!) […]