CTB Podcast 62: A Vortex of Idiocy

Things get crazy with a full moon, flash floods, bulls on parade and more as the Podgang discusses such things on top of the state of MD’s upcoming election cycle (spoiler alert: EvanTheMayor gets angry about it).

TBD Episode 22: The Book Debate

Bryan debunks the Long Island Medium with a very popular Internet article, some new kittens arrive at the studio, and books we loved as kids are discussed! TBD!

TBD Episode 21: The Bevil’s Dadvocate

The TBD gang samples some Zapp’s potato chips which devolves into a discussion of Wawa vs. Rofo vs. Sheetz, movies and video games and identifying young possibly gay kids enter the mix too!

CTB Podcast 60 / TBD 20 Super Combo!!

The CTB Podcast is joined by City Paper’s Baynard Woods to discuss his book, an upcoming interview with John Waters, songs about Hampden, missed connections, and a bunch of other stuff! BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! A very special bonus TBD follows the conclusion in which Levy describes his trip to Dallas, movies that hold up […]

CTB Podcast 59: Sharks Are Terrorists

The Podgang welcomes Matt McDermott to the show to discuss the upcoming Burger Wars, Lyon Distilling Company, cricket chips, dolphin releases, water wheels, speed cameras, Casey The Kasem’s impending nuptials and much much more!