Ziggy Gets it Wrong: DO THE QUANTUM LEAP SHOW!

It’s a new Ziggy Gets it Wrong! Here are the two very stellar episodes tackled on this installment. Episodes of Quantum Leap are available for free on nbc.com! Maybe Baby: March 11, 1963Season 2, Episode 20 Julie Brown wrote this episode with her husband! Oh Boy! Bunny O’Hare kidnaps a baby in this Raising Arizona […]

Ziggy Gets it Wrong: Sometimes you Take the Fun out of Being a Hologram

Ziggy Gets it Wrong is back with two more episodes! You can watch Quanty Leaps for FREE on NBC.com.Or buy the entire series from Amazon.com. Total Bargain! https://amzn.to/2WB1IfM Poolhall Blues: September 4, 1954Season 2, Episode 18 Sam leaps into a black man and DOESN’T fix racism for once! Only one N bomb on this episode […]