CTB Show 232: The Masturbating Walrus

The show is joined by food author / chef of note / former Brooklynite Allison Robicelli! (@robicellis, www.robicellis.com) We discuss the recent (well, since 9/11) “food celebrity” boom and the death of Anthony Bourdain, mental illness, Mario Batali and the #metoo movement, and a big ol’ discussion about what makes Baltimore great.

CTB Show 228: His Name is Nutsy

The Podgang discusses the myriad of events going on in Baltimore on May 5th and follows up with taste testing the ever-increasingly-insane varieties of Oreo cookies. A bonus interview with George Solis of WJZ-TV after the break revolving around the ins and outs of local news coverage. After that, some rapid fire Baltimore headlines and Shut Ups.