CTB Shownotes! Episode 225

Welcome to the very first show notes companion piece extravaganza for the CTB Show! You’ll find helpful links and additional information in this here blog post. If you like it and/or want to see more, let us know! And while you’re at it, support the show and be a True Patriot. Evan the Mayor took […]

CTB Show 224: Poop Water and Spiders

A huge list of news stories coming out of Baltimore this week on the 2nd half! But first, Evan the Mayor MC’s his first stage show, it’s Rex Manning Day, Wild Wild Country is discussed (again), and a bunch of other stuff.

CTB Show 223: Guru Lemon

Baby genders! Housing bills! Fart noises! Andy Harris! So many topics, so little time. Actually, a lot of time. On this newest and possibly greatest but not really CTB Show. Enjoy it and tell your friends to subscribe.

CTB Show 222: The Krispy Kreme of Athletic Gear

The CTB show is killin’ it with the topics this week! Nonprofit video stores, Superwalks, Casey’s impending fatherhood, support groups, Baltimore’s population loss and Hyperloops dot the map on this week’s show.