CTB Podcast 218: Xylophone!

A frothy, rich and meaty CTB Show this week! The gang discusses the Black Panther film, Appropriation vs. Appreciation, tepid responses to Nazi flags, and GUNS GUNS GUNS! And more. Xylophone!

CTB Show 217: A Very Nazified Episode

The gang gets deep into discussing what to do about a Nazi flag in the neighborhood. Then they eat some nacho fries, discuss the Olympics, a terrible craft beer bill coming out of Annapolis and lots more!

CTB Show 216: A Kinder Gentler Blitzkrieg

The Podgang convenes to try some odd Oreos, discuss the Super Bowl fallout, Evan might leave Baltimore, the new upcoming podcast about Quantum Leap, Baltimore’s Gun Trace Task Force trial and a ton more!!

CTB Show 215: Talcum Leap

Drinking straw bans, a round of Would You Rather, safety booths for drug use and Bryan’s blood pressure are just a few of the topics on this week’s award winning, fantastic, wonderful CTB Show.

CTB Show 214: The Lost HQ2 of Roanoke

Podcasty goodness in reverse this week! Topics include the city’s new police commish, Baltimore’s loss in the Amazon HQ2 bid, wedding planning, Fitbit fretting and more!

CTB Show 213: Rinsing With Beer

The gang discusses the Netflix show Dope and its episode about Baltimore, tries out some weird snacks, and talks about the most recent season of The Bachelor! And more. Much more.