CTB Podcast 163: Mr. Toughy Pants

A navel gazing TBD show involving Baltimore’s increased lethality and gun violence, recurring dreams, becoming a parent and Collector’s Corner almost getting robbed.

CTB Podcast 162: Till My Earth

Recorded at Collector’s Corner, Baltimore’s best comic book store! Baltimore topics include updates on the ongoing embarrassment that is Baltimore’s police department, climate change and its effect on Baltimore in the future, and WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH ALL THIS YOGA?!

CTB Podcast 161: Skamicon

The team gathers around to discuss Star Trek’s 50th anniversary with some Star Trek inspired Would You Rathers, Caitlin and all of female humanity’s inability to regulate their temperature, and much more witty banter than should legally be allowed — by law.

CTB Podcast 159: No Title in Mind

The podgang reviews some Olympics fallout, acceptable age difference discrepancies across the globe, new TV shows on Amazon and the Achievable Bucket List for Normal Idiots. Enjoy.