CTB Show 268: Donuts are Wheels

The Podgang is joined by two thirds of The Hunt Club Podcast (a cool Baltimore podcast, listen to it)! They discuss Clout Chasing, #whitepeopleclout, Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, crime in Baltimore and — donuts. And more. As usual. Listen like and subscribe!

CTB Show 267: Teve Torbes

A big fat Well It’s Been featuring volunteering, BIG Time starring Bryan, and Casey getting scammed! Then some Hot Baltimore Chat featuring festering corpses in Mount Vernon, water bills, and like, rich people and taxes and stuff.

CTB Show 265: Genie Say Qua

The Podgang gathers round for another very fun taste test, Jussie Smollett is discussed, Bryan’s angry letter to the Sun (not the star, the Baltimore Sun), an apparent porta potty fire at the stadium, and mooooooooooooore!

CTB Show 264: Pennsylvania Sex Dungeon House

The Podgang gets into it with some content harvested from the Famzone, the next chapter in the Plainpotatoess saga, a Pennsylvania Sex Dungeon House, a 5-year old article about legalizing weed in Baltimore, Valentine’s Day – and MOOOOOOOOOORE.

CTB Show 263: Three Phase Taste Test

The Podgang engages in a three phase – and somewhat awkward – taste test while discussing conspiracy theories, Baltimore’s new kid gloves treatment of Cannabis charges, the Polar Vortex, the Superb Owl, some sad news, and MOOOOOOOOORE!!