good news

Dear Evan, At least, you can still own a gun. Surely such a landmark ruling will bolster our patriotism through the long dark night of $4/gal. of gas! Especially in Baltimore, where I won’t even talk to white people (I’m talking about you W.E. Gatsum) unarmed. What’s really important is that poor and rich alike […]

CoS Watch

Apostropher is essential reading regardless of subject. Evan Insert: The now infamous Jason Beghe teaser trailer was removed from Youtube and Mark Bunker’s account was suspended. The Village Voice ran a really damning interview with him on tax day that’s really, really worth reading. A Current Affair in Australia also ran a piece on the […]

Schmoke Op-Ed

Baltimore’s Ex-Mayor Lays Out The Next President’s Best Possible Drug Policy: “A different commander-in-chief will soon assume leadership of the War on Drugs. Let’s hope that a new leader will implement a new strategy, because for nearly a century now–following the passage of the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914–America’s War on Drugs has been seen […]