(Muke) Its not bacon mind you, but coffee liqueur still sounds good. Can Evan whip this up in a month? (Evan) – It’s definitely on the list in one form or another. Sadly I don’t have the MONTHS the article seems to suggest is necessary, and I have yet to test the taste vs. time […]

Harvey on Baltimore

From the last issue of N+1, a very thoughtful intellectual journal, a portion of an interview with David Harvey is available online (scroll down a bit). David Harvey (July 2008) DH: I don’t have sufficient information to say what proportion of the people who got foreclosed upon were themselves flipping or speculating. Some of them […]


Oh, and as for Stephen Colbert’s challenge to Steele Thursday night to come on his Comedy Central show and have a rap-off on conservative issues? Steele says bring it on. Politico, via. Cross-posted, because this is a matter of general concern.

I write letters

Hello, I believe what you are doing is extremely important for the future of Baltimore and small cities across the country. Too often, our neighborhoods are treated as “investments” instead of communities of citizens. While working in the real estate industry, I had numerous dealings with The Baltimore Development Corporation — the “public/private” organization tasked […]

A Cleaner, Greener MD – Eventually!

(Muke) – According to the Baltimore Sun, Martin O’Malley committed Maryland to significant (?) cuts in pollution: The plan would commit the state to a 25 percent reduction by 2020 in climate-warming pollution — mainly carbon dioxide — as last year’s bill did. Dropped from last year’s original language is any long-term goal or target […]

Niche Filled!

Are you sitting alone, surfing the internets, with only the soft braying of goats to keep you company? Is the financial pressure of running a small farm too much for just one person? Finally, there’s an answer. FarmersOnly is the dating site only for farmers. The applications process skillfully weeds out non-farmers by asking detailed […]