Luke Scott dislikes Obama, sad about lack of guns

In other political news, the Orioles’ designated hitter Luke Scott does not believe that the President was born in the US. For the constitutionally inept, if true, Obama would be ineligible for the Presidency. Obviously, this is a pretty controversial position, if you’re retarded. The full interview at Yahoo Sports is full of enlightening little […]

The Pizza Lobbyist

Jack Abramoff became a household name for bribing Congressmen in DC, now he’ll be a household name in Baltimore for his pizza! That’s a spicy meatball! Wait, that’s a spaghetti reference. Anyway, more recently you may have heard his name in connection with a movie featuring Kevin Spacey as the now pie chef himself. I […]


Via Baltimore Slumlord Watch, Baltimore has a new law governing vacant city buildings. For more on this legislation, or other budget matters, you can read this article from the Baltimore Sun.

Baltimore’s water problem – can it ever be fixed?

A few days ago, the NY Times ran a piece in their series Toxic Waters about the alarming rate of rupturing water mains in many cities across America (“Saving U.S. Water and Sewer Systems Would Be Costly,” March 14th, 2010). Baltimore is certainly no stranger to this, being one of the oldest cities in the […]


Wired Magazine explains the economics of Somali piracy with a video game. Learn about African geography, small-business management and, um, sailing. They also include a more conventional “explainer” article discussing some of the incentives that drive piracy in the region along with maps and videos.