Urban Foraging in Baltimore: or, Hey this Superfundberry tastes great!

  Laura Vozzella ran a piece in the Baltimore Sun yesterday regarding the seemingly on-the-rise concept of Urban Foraging, which essentially amounts to picking things up off the ground and eating them: By gathering food in a city public park, Stauss not only trims her grocery bill but also takes part in one of the […]

Baltimore’s Shared Imagination: How The Wire Influences Us

I make it a point to watch all cool things at least five years after everyone else has stopped caring. Consequently, I’m just now watching The Wire. You might have caught the recent spat between Wire creator David Simon and Police commissioner Frederick H. “The Frederanizer” Bealefeld III. In substance, it amounts to little, with […]

Your Daily Crazy

Word to the wise: the next time you’re at a party, don’t make fun of the guy farting, because he just might cut you and everyone around you! (Via Boing Boing) At a party this weekend in Bristol, Connecticut, a 21-year-old gentleman stabbed four people, killing one. Why? Apparently they were making fun of his […]

News of the World!

Like his confrere in Russia, Silvio Berlusconi is a controversial leader in Italy. From lavish gifts to female legislators to questionable business ties, Berlusconi is larger than life—and often acts larger than the law. His most recent scandal involves lavish parties thrown with models, prostitutes, and …more underage models. Just because a rich European leader […]