Angry Mike’s thoughts on latter day Capitalism or: Capitalism can eat a dick

Capitalism Can Eat A Dick!   The United States is said to be “the greatest country in the world.”  One of the major reasons this is said, is due to our adoption of Capitalism, where  private citizens are allowed to own businesses and infrastructure with which to produce and sell goods, thereby making shitloads of […]

When Paula Deen’s foot gets amputated, I’m buying it on eBay.

So I (and more than likely you too) hear a few days ago that Paula Deen, The Food Network star whose claim to fame is pretty much every dish having a very strong possibility of giving you a heart attack, was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. This should come as no shock to anyone, judging […]

Angry Mike’s X reasons why suing someone sucks a fat one

Primer: Angry Mike, a former Pigtown resident, purchased a “rehabbed” house from a man who, as it turns out, is something of a slumlord and didn’t exactly perform a wonderful job fixing the house. It was riddled with termites unbeknownst to the resident, among other things. A lawsuit ensued (see what I did there) and […]

Angry Mike’s ADD Movie Reviews

Repo Men: A pretty formulaic “Big Brother Future” action movie. Well, to be fair, pretty much all of the action is at the end of the flick. Basically, people are getting more and more unhealthy and a company called “The Union” has perfected cybernetic organs! Huzzah! unfortunately, they are completely unaffordable and the Union is all too eager to get you on a payment plan. Which, if you are delinquent, they call in the aforementioned Repo Men to snatch your snazzy robot liver right out, killing you dead. Essentially, these people are gov’t sponsored serial killers (aside from Jude Law, they all look like bikers and thugs).

They are legally obligated to get you an ambulance on stand by if requested, but it’s hard to ask for one when you are tazed into unconsciousness beforehand. I’m sure the director/writer was going for some deeper meaning by drawing parallels between the Union and carnivorous banks that talk you into something you can’t afford, and ruin your life when things don’t go according to plan. It’s pretty heavy handed. So Jude Law has an accident and needs a cyberorgan himself, which leads him to a change of heart, which leads to him not making any money, which leads to him being on the run and seeing all the misery and pain The Union causes. I will say, that i did not expect the ending at all, and it was kind of neat. I don’t want to ruin it though. Anyways I’d say it’s worth a rent. I didn’t want my 90 minutes back, so there’s that. Plus a guy gets killed by a typewriter.