Put That Wherever

Time for some user submitted Put That Wherevers (send yours to staff@citythatbreeds.com!), featuring the time honored tradition of finding leftover food on your car. Because as we all know, a car hood or trunk makes a perfectly adequate table or bed in a pinch. And while I can admire the ingenuity at hand, the dicktitude […]

The Best of Craigslist: May 2013

MISSED CONNECTIONS You know that unsettling guy from the bar you were avoiding on Friday night, or how about that girl that won’t leave you alone at the gym? Here is where you’ll find them, in their tragic, creepy entirety. Posted: 2013-05-21, 2:20AM EDT Can pit beef bring us together? – m4w (Arbutus arts fest) […]

MIB: Barcelona Nuts

Nuts. High in protein, contains the good kind of fats, a million ways to prepare them. And in this fast paced web synergy marketplace world we live in, you’ve got a lot of hifalutin’ options. Planters, Emerald, Wonderful, some other brand I’m forgetting, the list goes on and on. Fortunately for you, the next time […]

Brothers Sushi: First Impressions

It was a sad day recently when a Federal Hill sushi staple Nichiban finally closed its doors after many years and an eventual leasing issue (shocker) a few months ago, and in seemingly record time was replaced by Brothers Sushi, being helmed by a group of gentlemen very eager to serve the surrounding area even […]

The aforementioned free bauble offer

HEY. Are you heading to this weekend’s Charm City Folk and Bluegrass Festival? Yes? You’re already going? Great. Coz the show is sold out. Even better, I aka Me aka Evan The Mayor will be selling delicious hand crafted beef jerky snacks courtesy of our now corporate overlords Mobtown Meatsnacks at the festival, and as […]


TODAY IS APRIL 18TH, THE THIRD THURSDAY OF APRIL. AND THAT MEANS IT IS NATIONAL HIGH FIVE DAY HIGH FIVE, PLANET EARTH The National High Five Project is a non-profit dedicated to high-fiving to raise money for cancer research. This year on April 18, participants across the nation pledge to give high fives all day […]