A total stranger’s first impressions of Bronycon

Let it be known that I, EvanTheMayor, up until last night had never seen a single episode of┬áMy Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and having since seen a few here and there (3 hours worth) I can say without question I will never be, ever be, a Brony. I can see the appeal of the […]

Say Hello To Smaltimore

The long awaited, long anticipated, looooong time in the works new restaurant in Canton by one No Idea / former Don’t Know bartreneur Jason Zink, now officially called Smaltimore (Where everybody knows everyone and everything about them!, 2522 Fait Ave, Canton), has been opening its doors to the public in recent weeks and is slated […]

Nachoquest: Bartenders

Everybody knows Canton’s Bartenders (2218 Boston St.) has hellagood pizzas, a huge selection of Bourbon and friendly, zany staff – but they also have nachos. How’s that for an intro? Bartenders’ appetizer menu nachos, consisting of tortilla chips topped with black beans, cheddar, mozzarella, peppers, jalapenos, onions, salsa and sour cream ($7, with chicken pictured […]

Review II: Hello Fresh, Meat Edition

Get 30% Off on All boxes at HelloFresh! Use code 30FREE. Start enjoying real food – Shop now! A little while ago, blog friend Ann Marie reviewed the new, easy, fun meal delivery service Hello Fresh, which brings several meals to your door at an affordable price (roughly $10/meal per person) that you cook yourself. […]

Nachoquest: Barracuda’s

A number of months ago I had posted a thing about roasted pork sandwiches and how Locust Point’s Barracuda’s had a decent version of it, not long afterward I received an email about how I had BLOWN THE CHANCE to sample Barracuda’s nachos, which the emailer raved about. Time passed, I forgot about it, seasons […]

Put That Wherever

Time for some user submitted Put That Wherevers (send yours to staff@citythatbreeds.com!), featuring the time honored tradition of finding leftover food on your car. Because as we all know, a car hood or trunk makes a perfectly adequate table or bed in a pinch. And while I can admire the ingenuity at hand, the dicktitude […]