Why Did I Do This to Myself: Burger King’s Xtra Long BBQ Cheeseburger

It can be said that in life, there are times, deep dark times – in which you’re completely out of ideas when it comes to what to eat for lunch. For better or worse, even though you want a salad because it’s the responsible thing to do or you just enjoy the texture of baby […]

Another Unicorn Dead: Cross Bar License Invalidated

  In setting what could only be described as a dangerous precedent today, Octogenarian Head of the Liquor Board Thomas Ward and Commish Dana Moore voted 2-1 to invalidate the 10,000 year old (but still in use yet) Cross Bar der Biergarten’s (12-18 Cross St, Federal Hill (theoretically)) liquor license, a bar that hasn’t even […]

Opinion: With DC’s Decriminalization of Marijuana, Baltimore Continues to Look Stupid

http://ssdp.org/news/blog/d-c-city-council-passes-marijuana-decriminalization/ So it looks like Washington DC finally went right ahead last week and decriminalized possession of marijuana with a civil fine attached to its possession, a bill that passed overwhelmingly 11-1. Apparently DC has legitimately progressive leadership (according to the current socially generated definition) as they recognize this is the first and probably best […]