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In the late 1980’s throughout the early 90’s, then mayor of Baltimore City Kurt Schmoke instituted a slew of social policies in an effort to raise the quailty of life and opportunity of its disenfranchised, poor, and drug-addled citizens. One such policy was the push to improve literacy in the city, which at that time was considerably low. Thus, a slogan was born: “The City That Reads.” The slogan appeared on park benches, bus stops, and banners all over the metro area.


It took approximately 44 seconds for several hilarious variations on the slogan to appear, most notably “The City That Breeds” due to Baltimore’s rampant teen pregnancy problem. What made this take on the motto incredible was the simple fact that every bench bearing the slogan would be vandalized by some clever youth by adding “B” just before “Reads” to form “The City That Breads“- solidifying the total and utter irony of it all, forever. This website is dedicated to that irony.

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