Ziggy Gets it Wrong: The Flag, Apple Pie, and the Fourth of July!

It’s a new Ziggy Gets it Wrong! Here are the two very stellar episodes tackled on this installment. Episodes of Quantum Leap are available for free on nbc.com!

The Leap Home (Part 1): November 25, 1969
Season 3, Episode 01

Sam leaps into — none other than — HIMSELF!!! WOW! To accomplish an incredibly low stakes mission while ruining his own family’s mental state in the process! He tries to change the timeline but Al is very not down with that plan. It’s a two part episode of epic proportions!

Leapy Inventions: “Awesome,” “Radical,” the song “Imagine” by John Lennon
Ziggy Gets It: Right
Shirtless Sam Watch: None

The Leap Home (Part 2): April 7. 1970
Season 3, Episode 02

Sam leaps into the Vietnam War in a Navy Seal unit to only discover he has leapt into a soldier in HIS BROTHER’S UNIT!! WHAT?!?! This gives Sam the opportunity to save his brother’s life from a meaningless death in a meaningless war! But will he succeed? Who cares! Guest starring Tia Carrere and Patrick Warburton and that lady from Falcon’s Crest and B Roll footage of things exploding in actual Vietnam.

Leapy Inventions: None detected
Ziggy Gets It: Inconclusive as to what the point of the leap actually was, even Ziggy was unsure. BECAUSE GOD IS IN CHARGE.
Shirtless Sam Watch: 13:50 mark

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