HSTIG: Royal Farms Spicy Chicken Tenders

Feel the heat

And so it shall pass that today we debut the soft opening of a new feature to the website entitled “Holy Shit, This is Good (HSTIG).” As inspired by a catchphrase uttered by one Casey The Kasem on the CTB Show, HSTIG aims to spotlight a product or two or three or twenty three we whole heartedly endorse, with or without compensation (this product in particular, we ain’t being paid to endorse – BUT HEY ROYAL FARMS, WE’RE FOR SALE *WINK WINK*)

We already know that Royal Farms, headquartered in Hampden, United States, makes some damn fine fried chicken. Like, publications say it so it’s basically science which means it’s true. And I’m a total whore for chicky nuggies, chicky tendies, basically any fried chicken product that can be eaten in multiples of six and act as a vehicle for dipping sauce – I’m on board AF (that’s “As Fuck,” according to people younger than me).

But the problem is, most of these fried chicken products out there are charlatans when they claim they have a “spicy” version, which typically ranks somewhere even below Zesty on the spicyometer. It’s weak. It does not tingle the tongue.

Looking at you, Weaksauce

Well spice faces, your day has come. As sampled on a recent CTB Show episode, we all tried Royal Farms’s’s brand new Spicy Chicken Tenders – a product NO ONE HAS COVERED YET IN LOCAL MEDIA – and Holy Shit, They Are Good. Tingly to the tongue. A very decent amount of heat that creeps up on you with every bite, to the point that you may need to space them out piece by piece. And in a refreshing turn, it’s not just “Buffalo” flavored, these things are packed with a cayenne and black pepper coating that will kick your uvula in its vulva and not apologize once. Hyperbole!

And hey look, they’re running a special!
(not paid to endorse this.)


The spicy tendies we sampled on the show were from the RoFo on 41st Street. Highly recommended. I subsequently sampled some out in Frederick, MD and they weren’t as spicy, but still spicy.

And this has been, the very first HSTIG.

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