CTB Show 228: His Name is Nutsy

The Podgang discusses the myriad of events going on in Baltimore on May 5th and follows up with taste testing the ever-increasingly-insane varieties of Oreo cookies (product links below!). A bonus interview with George Solis of WJZ-TV after the break revolving around the ins and outs of local news coverage. After that, some rapid fire Baltimore headlines (links below!) and Shut Ups.

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Pina Colada Oreos
Kettle Corn Oreos
Cherry Cola Oreos
Behind Closed Doors
Disney Cover Band – The Mermen


Baltimore Topics

Mayor Pugh added to the Woke 100 List
Synching Traffic Lights for blockin’ the box
Baltimore Opportunity Zones
Our Own Property Tax Post
Alaska’s Guaranteed Minimum Income
Vacant Property Situation in Baltimore
Three Year Anniversary Of the Baltimore Uprising
Pugh’s Plan to Lease out Garages for Neighborhood Investment

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