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hi hello welcome to the mayor’s corner

rupture After roughly 7 (8? I can’t even remember anymore) years of owning, operating and generally squandering the media related grist contained within the hallowed webpages of The City That Breeds I’ve decided to give myself my own page for the purposes of well, learning how to write again. I don’t do it very often anymore and I’m a huge blowhard and you all want to read my practice writings so DANCE, PUPPETS! DANCE!

Also listen to our podcast, it’s good too. With any luck, 2016 will see a revival of this locally sourced wheelbarrow of news-related effluent known as The City That Breeds with me returning to the “normal” workforce (spoiler alert) and plenty of time to kill not stressing out about running a retail operation. That shit is for the birds. See y’all in the funny pages.

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