This Year’s Baltimore Farmer’s Market is Pretty Huge You Guys

Baltimore’s numero uno Sunday Farmer’s Market debuts in less than 48 hours (oddly timed with our Lord and Savior’s Resurrection, but whatever) and 2015 is shaking up to be VERY SPEND HAPPY for you, the interested consumer. A slew of new vendors have been added and the market boundaries have exploded beyond the confines of the overpass (be sure to visit beef jerky impresarios Mobtown Meatsnacks by the ATM!). A whopping FIFTY SEVEN craft vendors and well over a dozen new gourmet food folks will be joining the mix to ensure 2015 is one hell of a year for eatin’ good in the neighborhood™.

(click for big)
(Please note this map is a draft and subject to change. The amount of money in your bank account.)

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