No Idea Tavern is Dead, Long Live No Idea Tavern


Do you have No Idea what’s going on? Well let me catch you up some. No Idea’s owner Jason Zink has sold No Idea to one of the same people he sold Don’t Know to back in 2011 in one Ryan Cooper. This frees Zink to focus on his Canton endeavor, Smaltimore. Now, the sale flew under the radar for most people and came as quite a surprise. That didn’t stop them from throwing a F-U-N-eral at No Idea this past Sunday, a celebration of the many, albeit fuzzy, memories that patrons had over the years. One attendee said, “It ended the way it started, with great people, and fun atmosphere.”

Cleverly named (where’d you go last night? No Idea, man….) if not a bit cheesy, No Idea and Don’t Know Taverns have been staples in the South Baltimore (SoFoHoBo) area for years. Many were happy when Don’t Know was put under new management, seeing an improvement on menu options while keeping the kick ass happy hour specials. It seems they will be taking the same attitude to tweaking the specials offered at No Idea. They’ve even gone straight to the customers to survey them on preferences, favorite specials, etc. Power to the people, viva la drunks!

It almost feels fitting to have the two bars reunited again in a manner of speaking. It seems that most patrons are happy with the recent sale and look forward to the changes that will come with it. Regardless, it’s nice to see a bar simply change hands instead of closing its doors with a full reboot, especially on the southern end of “The Hill” for those of us too lazy to walk to Cross Street.

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