RIP: Langermann’s on Light is Closed

langermann's on light
Another one bites the dust

Langermann’s on Light Street closed its doors this past Friday. This comes as no surprise to most people. If you were a frequenter of the restaurant, it was not a challenge to stroll in at 7PM on a Friday night and find yourself with prime pickings for any table in the restaurant. I’m actually a little disappointed to hear the news, because the scallops, among other menu items, were so very craveable. While I know the Canton location is still kicking, let’s be honest, the reality of making the trek across the city is comparable to hiking Mount Kilimanjaro most nights. (Especially when considering the parking woes in the area, insert shameless plug to my last post)

But their departure sheds light to an important reality, why can’t something stick at that location? Anthony Bordain has often spoken about this phenomenon in the restaurant industry. No matter how great a concept, there will always be that one spot that will turn over time and time again. Whether it is because of location or a voodoo monkey curse, we can’t quite put our thumb on it. This spot alone we have seen Copa 2000, Charlotte’s, The Reserve, 1542 Gastro Bistro, and Langermann’s come and go all within a few year of each other, despite massive renovations and decent food offerings in the case of the last few iterations.

So, what will break the curse? It’s hard to say, but it is doable. For those of us veterans of the city that have been here while some of you were still in high school: we have seen it done. Remember how many times C&R’s location flipped before our hillbilly-friendly spot took over? Regardless, Langermann still owns the building so all signs indicate something will likely come along.

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4 thoughts on “RIP: Langermann’s on Light is Closed

  1. People don’t go out to eat fancy food at corner bars off main streets. This is a neighborhood bar location, they should be a neighborhood bar.

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