A local favorite now offering lunch on the weekends


Not that we needed more Sunday Funday options in the Hill area, but ask and ye shall receive! Pub Dog has long been providing us in the neighborhood with delectable eats, this is no surprise. The selection of delicious, personal (if you try hard enough) pizzas has been a craving to many Federal Hillians for years. As one of the few restaurants in the area that promises to stay open each night till 2am, it’s been the perfect place to stop by when you have a late night hankering because you know everyone else’s kitchen has long since closed.

But prior to March, if you had a desire for the two-for-one beers or pizza, you were denied until 5PM. By 5PM on a Sunday, I’m already tinkering with the idea of retiring for the evening (I swear, just one more round) for fear of a very long and miserable Monday. In an effort to stay a relevant staple to the neighborhood though, they have once again evolved and now offer lunch on Saturdays and Sundays. They have always been one to evolve their concept, remember when there was no TV? And I think it is a smart move to remind us of why they are a local favorite.

And as if we needed more incentive to stop by, they sweeten the deal with a yummy Sunday Funday special. Thirsty Dog Sundays run from 11AM-8PM and feature a 22 ounce cup you get for $6 with $3 refills. The Sunday special has been a favorite at the Columbia location for a while, and it is nice to have the option down here as well. I know my wallet may thank you, but I think my liver may not.
If you’d like to keep up on the latest happenings, specials, or seasonal offerings you can follow them on Twitter @PubDog.

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