CTB Podcast 54: Generations of Bennies


Evan, Dennis and Casey crack some beers and discuss Adult Spring Break, the Best of O’Malley Obsequiousness, This Week in Debunking Scientific BS, Shake Shack coming to the Inner Harbor and Hillary makes an appearance which prompts her to get flushed down the toilet. Namaste!


3 thoughts on “CTB Podcast 54: Generations of Bennies

  1. Gents, gents, gents.. This podcast made me feel bad about the tongue-in-cheek burn I dropped into an iTunes review implying that y’alls affinity for Natty Light is anything but sound. I’ve put back far too much of the ‘comes in a beer suitcase’ variety myself to pull the beer snob card without a bit of irony. Your beer-drinking cred remains safe with me, but you guys should try and get an endorsement deal and cash in on all that free product placement, heh.

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