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1st Annual Vodka Wars Giveaway!

At long last, Queen Colleen of Mother’s Federale Hille Grille (that’s how it’s spelled brah) has an event worthy of her personal fascination: The First Annual Charm City Vodka Wars. Yes friends, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon (from 2-6pm, January 26th) than sampling various Ketel One Vodka creations and a buffet to boot from some of the area’s finest sources of mixology including Wit and Wisdom — and Scores! Tickets start at a low, low price of $20 with multiple bonus codes sprinkled around the Internet (you’ll have to do the heavy lifting on that), and we’ve got TWO TICKETS TO GIVE AWAY!! BOOOOOOOOOZE!

To enter, simply leave a comment below with your favorite vodka based cocktail and or knock knock joke. It’s just that simple. A winner will be announced tomorrow!

vodka wars


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  • Andrea

    Ice Pick. Brewed tea with plain vodka on a hot day

  • kulwicky

    Anything with Purity Vodka.

  • Dan

    Ketel one on the rocks…Splash of water w/Lemon.

  • Corrie

    Vodka with sliced cucumbers and sprite!

  • Rig P

    I like to keep it basic with a simple vodka martini

  • mrstiffsmith

    pear vodka, st. germain and lemon juice

  • sarah21210

    Nice and simple — Ketel One + soda. Yum!

  • Jennifer Waldera


  • Christopher Leverenz

    Gay Cousin: Simply Lemonade with Raspberry & Vodka.

  • Mike Anderson

    Blue Motorcycle