CTB Podcast Episode 33: All We Do Is Derail


Very special guest Lowell Melser from WBAL, the Marc and Lowell show and the RELM Network joins a recording from Oomph Marketing in Federal Hill to discuss Lowell’s career in TV and broadcasting, the Cosby Sweater Bar Crawl, Barbecue, The Best of Change Maryland and much, much more! The news that’s fit to rant about includes Inner Harbor 2.0, upcoming election updates, speed cameras and road tolls!


3 thoughts on “CTB Podcast Episode 33: All We Do Is Derail

  1. so, rather than focus on the actual content of the ‘best of change maryland,’ – an organization which you credited with providing interesting and informative information – you decide to take cheap shots degrade the people who comment for their own personal views? these people’s only crime is caring about the state; your problem is that it’s in a different way than you would like? So you’d rather laugh at people who you deem stupid or ignorant?

    Why not instead focus instead on the work that the organization actually does, and if you disagree with it respond in an insightful way based on facts and analysis?

    instead you choose the typical liberal method of attacking people on a personal level rather than doing the work to see that this state is going down the tubes and needs an organization like change maryland – and perhaps a governor like larry hogan – to bring back jobs and fix the economy in our state to fund your precious ‘progressive’ tax suck projects.

    1. in fact, i’d really like to know what you think of CM’s latest investigations into the crony capitalism that takes place in this administration? and their latest report card on o’malley’s energy promises? the man is corrupt and takes full advantage of his power, boosting his presidential resume on the backs of maryland taxpayers including YOU

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