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They Might Be Giants Giveaway!

You’re not the boss of me now and you’re not so big — life is unfair

Yes friends, those fateful words penned by the one and only They Might Be Giants are coming to the 9:30 Club in DC in a mere FIVE DAYS (this Saturday, October 12) and you can totally buy tickets to see them for $32. I hear a rumor that Triangle Man will be there!

Not satisfied with buying tickets? Feel like rolling the dice a bit? Leave a comment below with your favorite boardgame (or a picture of said boardgame for additional fun) for a chance to win. Do it to it!

they might be giants


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  • Lords of Waterdeep!

  • samuel234

    arkham horror!

  • John Wayne Jr.

    Capital Punishment was the most insane board game ever. If you remember this game and played it you know what I mean!

  • Christopher Leverenz

    If you’re not playing Bargain Hunter, I got nothing for ya.

  • Rig Perez

    Settlers of Catan is a safe bet.

  • Rachel Seff

    Hungry hungry hippos!

  • Rachel Seff

    Hungry hungry hippos!

  • Melody

    Brain-O-Matic. Random trivia, three levels of difficulty on each card. First one to get to the LIGHT UP BRAIN wins. šŸ˜€