Introducing the Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra


A few days ago we spoke on the phone with one Kira Levitzky, the music director for the brand spanking new Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra. To put it as plainly as possibly, the BGSO is a menagerie of musicians ranging in experience and age who just wanna crank out some vidya game sounds. Expect the BGSO to make an appearance on the podcast as things begin to gel for them! Here’s some more info from Kira herself:

The Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra is a community video game orchestra with choir that plays orchestral versions of video game music for fun. We started about four weeks ago and have about 25 members! Our goal is to reach 100! We need your help! We’re looking for strings, brass, wood winds, percussion. We have members who are professionally acclaimed to people who haven’t picked up their instruments in 10 years. We connect musicians who have a passion for music and we do it through the medium of video game music. Not only that, but we’re getting kids interested in classical music! (How bad ass is that?)

Facebook page: Like us if you like what we’re trying to do for the community.

To join: email

Rehearsals are 7-9 pm on Wednesdays at the Baltimore International Academy (4410 Frankford Ave, Waltherson)

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