CTB Podcast Episode 28: Secret Muslim!

secret muslim

The Podgang convenes to go through the momentous Nuggetfest recap and discuss other area food challenges, Canton Crossing and an impromptu discussion of food stamps and voter’s rights. The Best of Change Maryland is laughed at and the news that’s fit to rant about is delivered — a rich, meaty broth of SRB news and Carl Stokes too.


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  1. To support Bryan’s point, there are limits on SNAP (http://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/retailers/eligible.htm) . Also, for those anecdotal “instances” when people talk about participants buying steak, candy, etc., that still takes away from the bottom line of how much money these families have to buy other things. If they want to splurge on a celebration meal once in a while, more power to them! But also know that those families are sacrificing other things that week to do that. We all do that. And frequenting a grocery store that has a lot of SNAP customers, I can assure you, most of them are buying healthy and staple foods and are more concerned about making those dollars go as far as they can go every time.

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