It’s the most Nuggety time of the year: Nuggetfest

For the third year our annual (well, the first year was impromptu – so the second year on our dime) Festival of Nuggetry takes place at Bad Decisions (1928 Fleet St, Fells Point) on Thursday, October 10th. $15 for all you can eat Nuggs (while supplies last), freebies will be handed out and the quest to find the Top Reigning Nugget Eating Champion will be realized once again. Last year’s champion @Roscada unseated then reigning champion Spammy Hormel (who was incredibly late to the event >:( ) and this year MUST BE A BARN BURNER BY LAW.

So add it to your calendar, get ready for some Dank Nuggs and the best dippin’ sauces known to man (oh God, the golden BBQ sauce. drroooool). The feast begins at 6pm!


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