Former Shucker’s gonna be a mexican joint


A little while ago we TOTALLY BROKE THE STORY that Fells Point’s Shuckers was being shuttered with haste due to a litany of issues but an expiring lease was cited as the primary reason according to management. Some time later, BBJ and Baltimore Magazine brought us word that the brains behind the wildly successful Mad River and Bond Street Social (respectively) were teaming up to perform a full rehab on the property with live entertainment, outdoor seating, on and on and on blah blah blah gonna be awesome. The same group behind Woodberry Kitchen’s bleeding edge appeal is taking over the project so it’s pretty much a guaranteed win with regard to aesthetics.

And so today the Beer Baron gives us the approval:

Modern Mexican. Upscale Casual Modern Mexican Artisan Bistro — MAN I hope they have flatbreads and mexiwraps! (That line’s especially for G-Lick)

Anyway looking forward to the new space but I had my fingers crossed for that German Biergarten, guess we’ll just have to wait again, again for that to happen 🙁