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The long awaited, long anticipated, looooong time in the works new restaurant in Canton by one No Idea / former Don’t Know bartreneur Jason Zink, now officially called Smaltimore (Where everybody knows everyone and everything about them!, 2522 Fait Ave, Canton), has been opening its doors to the public in recent weeks and is slated for a grand opening on August 15th. The former Lager’s space had a rather traumatic conclusion two summers ago when the then owner had a dispute with then/now landlord and literally ripped everything out of the space and loaded it into a truck and vacated, Baltimore Colts style.

At any rate that was then and this is now, and the space – which has had tremendous work put into it – looks pretty great. French doors create an open air feel, new bar, plenty of TVs, on and on. I was there a few weeks ago when it was still a work in progress:

smaltimore begins

(will be updating with a more current photo today — edit: see above!) The bar boasts 36 draft beers, with a beer stock exchange board in the wings coming to ensure an interesting beergoing experience (the aforementioned link describes the process if you’re confused, several years ago Zink and I were hanging out at then Bill’s Lighthouse Inn kicking around the idea and it seems like it’s finally coming to Baltimore — er, Smaltimore). The food menu will feature sandwiches and sushi, sushi being provided by Richard Chung of Riverside’s Park Bench Pub and former Magerk’s fame, essentially solidifying Smaltimore as one of only a few places in Canton slinging sushi to the masses — especially unique when combined with the massive beer selection.

So if you’re in the area pop into Smaltimore and be prepared for everyone to know your name. It is, after all, Smalltimore. Best of luck to you, Smaltimore!

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  1. very cool; i went to Lagers a lot because it was close, even though the bartenders were all assholes to me (because i’m not a cute girl). it’ll be nice to see it open again, and hopefully it’ll be a little nicer than before.

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