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nachos bartenders

Everybody knows Canton’s Bartenders (2218 Boston St.) has hellagood pizzas, a huge selection of Bourbon and friendly, zany staff – but they also have nachos. How’s that for an intro?

Bartenders’ appetizer menu nachos, consisting of tortilla chips topped with black beans, cheddar, mozzarella, peppers, jalapenos, onions, salsa and sour cream ($7, with chicken pictured for +$2) come out crispy baked and completely overflowing with gigantic chunks of toppings. Upon first inspection from the photo, you’re all “I don’t see any salsa – and mozzarella? On Nachos?” Well, the nachos did in fact lack mozzarella but the salsa was actually contained as a deposit within the pile of chips, a sometimes to some preferable way of scooping salsa with the chips and various toppings. Not necessarily my thing, but it’s a thing. The chips were great, the chicken freshly grilled, but man these chunks of onion are huge. Like, quarter onions sitting on top of this pile of chips that you have to chew on for a minute. And so many jalapenos! Which I actually like.

But while most of the chips did in fact have cheese on them – very few naked nachos – the overall presentation lacked a sufficient molten cheese level. I NEED MAXIMUM CHEESING. But at $7 base, this pile is easily big enough for two hungry people that will find themselves wanting more cheese. On a scale of five chips, cheese counts for at least two – MAYBE THREE – on the scale, and these bad boys lacked a little bit of that cheesosequa. So if you decide to order them, ask for extra cheese.


Three and a Half Golden Nachos out of Five

Nachos, $7, +$2 for chicken or Andouille
2218 Boston St.
(410) 534-BEER
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