CTB Podcast Episode Fourteen: Teks for Tacos

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The Gang discusses their respective 4th of July experiences and various cultural festivals in Baltimore. Under represented cuisines in the area including Pho and Ethiopian get a mention and a new segment Fun Facts with Cheeselaine is debuted. After the break Dennis and Evan discuss Baltimore’s recent spike in crime and David Simon’s take on the matter, Baltimore Free Farm’s victory in Hampden, city water rate hike, Ticketmaster and so much more. Thanks for listening.



3 thoughts on “CTB Podcast Episode Fourteen: Teks for Tacos

  1. July is NOT a dull month! Dennis, you sounded like Vinnie DeMarco with your “It’s for the children” comment! Cheesie is a great addition to the show. Thanks for the SHOUTOUT! Another great show. Look forward to #15

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