CTB Podcast Episode 15 Part 2: Carol Ott at Tommy’s Downtown Tavern

utz mic 2

The Caroll Ott guest spot continues with local news as the gang discusses water bills, Harbor Point, truck cameras, the downtown Hilton and much more – with the most epic Shut Up yet delivered on the podcast at the end. A must listen.



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  • Skip727

    Part Deux was as good as advertised! I want a shirt too. Dennis, I thought you were an Oak Barrel Stout man!

  • The Perkins Homes are even less “modern” than you think! They were built in the 1940s (http://baltimorefuture.blogspot.com/2007/04/perkins-homes-now-its-your-turn.html), but I am *sure* the interiors have stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.

    • Evan

      Oh wow. I was way off. Further underscores the need for some of this sweet delicious EZ credit to go to them – but as we were saying, it’s a public housing project so how the hell would that work?