CTB Podcast Episode 15 BONUS at Tommy’s Downtown Tavern


This very special BONUS companion to Episode 15 includes Name That Video Game, Dispatches from the Hipster World, and a lot of behind the scenes audio never before heard by anyone and nor should it ever be. Enjoy. Check out owner Tommy and his sweet tattoos in the photo gallery!



3 thoughts on “CTB Podcast Episode 15 BONUS at Tommy’s Downtown Tavern

  1. At first I was like, “Mr. Mayor? Part three? What could possibly be left to say?” But then the fart noises started and I almost wrecked my car. Then when Dennis the Cynic started singing the Captain Planet theme song, I had to pull over I was laughing so hard. Soooooo glad you posted this!

  2. Hey, look, there was a comment in the podcast mentioning me! That’s pretty cool. (Clearly, I am playing catch-up on my podcasts.)

    And Crofton is only 20 miles from B’more. 😉

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