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A number of months ago I had posted a thing about roasted pork sandwiches and how Locust Point’s Barracuda’s had a decent version of it, not long afterward I received an email about how I had BLOWN THE CHANCE to sample Barracuda’s nachos, which the emailer raved about. Time passed, I forgot about it, seasons went by, and then I received another email from the same guy about the nachos, but this time with a picture.

So we found ourselves again at Barracuda’s in front of their charming signage, eager to sample some nacho wares (photo via street teeeeeeeeam).

No. And I'm #starving!!! 😥 #baltimore #jeetyet #hangry

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Surf n’ Turf Nachos. I’m intrigued. Fresh tortilla chips topped with grilled steak, shrimp, crab, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, jalapenos, black beans, and sour cream. $13. While I’m not normally a proponent of seafood on nachos, once I ordered these things and they arrived in what can only be described as “a trough,” the oohs and aahs started up pretty quickly.

nachos barracudas
Surf n’ Turf Nachos, $13

Such a massive amount of nachos. And all the ingredients are there, to be sure — big chunks of steak, whole skrimps, a bunch of lump crab meat and all other advertised ingredients in the mix pumping the value meter to the top at $13 for all the proteins involved and a share factor with enough chips and toppings for at least two. The chips are toasted very, very well and provide a great crunch.

However. This nachobucket has one potentially fatal flaw: a total lack of enough toppings. With such a huge amount of chips involved, it’s a bit shameful that after having consumed almost every shred of cheese, steak, jalapeno et al we were left with about 40% naked chips.


And normally, this amount of naked chips would in fact be a deal breaker, but the sheer volume of chips initially actually still retains an amount that satisfies, so as long as you’re comfortable with them wasting a whole shitload of chips in a huge container for no apparent reason other than looking like a lot more for your money, you’re still getting you’re money’s worth. So ponder that a moment and know that at the end of the day, these nachos are hella decent – not perfect, but decent. Is it just me or did the email photo look like it had a lot more cheese? Have you had these nachos, dear reader? Did they have a lot more cheese when you had them?

Four Golden Nachos Out of Five

Surf N’ Turf Nachos – $13
1230 E Fort Ave, Locust Point
(410) 685-2832
Barracudas Locust Point Tavern on Urbanspoon

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