Why SpaceManAndy has no guilty pleasures, and you shouldn’t either.

I have no guilty pleasures. “But SpaceManAndy” you say, “I’ve seen you tweet about General Hospital. Soaps are the epitome of guilty pleasures, right?”

Wrong. I don’t feel guilty about watching soap operas. Not one bit. Soap Operas are just another medium for story telling, and a rather unique one at that. Soaps, like comic books are unique in that the story lines can go on for decades. I’m talking real time here. The actors, directors, and writers may change, but it is one continuous story, just like how the art style and writers change in comics. It really hit me a couple years ago when Sonny and Brenda were going to get married (again). She said something to him about how he left her at the altar 20 years ago. It literally happened 20 years ago! With those two characters, in the early 90s.

Yeah, she's the chick from Las Vegas

Anyway, my post today is not about soap operas. It’s about just liking what you like and not feeling guilty about it. Soaps are cheesy, soaps have some less than stellar acting, but I don’t watch for those reasons. Soaps can unfold a story like almost no other medium. It’s daily, which means they can tell A LOT of story. I just find value in different places.

I love Ke$ha. Is it because I think she’s hot? Nope. Is it because I think that she is the best singer? No. Is her music cutting edge and innovative and meaningful? Nope. I enjoy Ke$ha because she is skilled at capturing a feeling. I listen to her music, I can’t help but be pulled into that world. FUCK YES! Let’s go to that underground club with punch spiked with god knows what and throw glitter and get dirty and play strip games and be debaucherous until the sun comes up!


The other day I found someone on Reddit was talking about Magic. Someone thought they were talking about Magic the Gathering, and were disappointed to find out that they weren’t. The guy said he was sad because he couldn’t find anyone to play with. I said that I was surprised that he didn’t have ANY friends that either played or were willing to learn. Turns out he hadn’t even told any of his friends. He was so embarrassed about his guilty pleasure that he just resigned himself to being sad that no one would play with him, and never even bothered to ask. Why?

I favor Black and Red if you care.

We aren’t in high school anymore. Do you really think some one is not going to be your friend anymore because they find out you like Soaps, or Ke$ha, or Magic the Gathering? Hell no! Stop feeling guilty. Think about why you like those things, and if someone challenges you, simply tell them what you like about it. My fiance and I watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Yeah, I’m saying it out loud, and posting it on the internet. I won’t feel guilty about it. That show has a lore, and some serial plot. I honestly can’t wait for season 4. And to be honest, I think the world would be a better place if more people valued friendship a little more.

So, join me, friends!

Stand up, admit your pleasures and eschew guilt!

Stop ignoring things just because they’re mainstream. People who don’t WATCH television aren’t impressing anyone. You’re ignoring a medium of story telling. Yes, there’s some irredeemable garbage out there, but there’s also Mad Men and Downton Abbey.