Introducing: Put That Wherever

Coming straight from the talented eyeballs and typing digits of one @mruthke comes her blog Put That Wherever, in which the sublimely left wherever is documented in hilarious fashion. We’ll be running her old gems and new ones as they post! In the meantime, enjoy these past gems.

Tuesday, 12:30pm: Mt. Royal Avenue

boh can fence
Nothing says Bmore like a can of Natty Boh….on a fence. Hey man, just stick that can upside down right there.

Last Friday, 4pm: The Guilford Bridge

sandwich catheter
This is a special post that some of you are lucky enough to already be familiar with. Last week, Seth and I were walking along the Guilford bridge after a lovely afternoon spent in the Greenmount Cemetery. We were lucky enough to stumble upon this pile of treasure. I did my civic duty and called 311. The woman on the call said dutifully, “this issue will be resolved in 3-7 days” (to be fair, she did seem surprised when I explained that there was a pile of medical waste on Guilford Ave.). I am pleased to report that it took more than three but less than 7 days to clean it up. So go on crazy runaway medical patient, just put that used catheter bag wherever. Baltimore will be sure to get to it in 3-7 business days.

Wednesday, 5:57pm: Halethorpe MARC Station Parking Lot

I’d like to first give a shout out to my dearest, Emma Connor, for sharing this lovely bit with me today. It’s a classic, the ole’ underwear on the street trick. Baltimore, I am eternally amazed at the amount of clothing on your streets, sidewalks, alleys, and yes, children’s museum floors. Some events leading up to these lost goods are obvious but others, well, they confound. Usually, I could guess how a pair a men’s panties found their way onto an ill-lit parking lot, but the MARC station during rush hour? Nice. Stay classy B-more and hey, if you find yourself uncomfortable in those undies you chose to wear to work, just take them off and put them wherever. Yeah, right there. Next to my friends car.

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  1. I once had a pair of underpants stuck to the inside of my cardigan, from doing laundry, and they fell out onto the work kitchen bathroom floor. Maybe that happened to Marc underpants dude?

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